Our movement is based on you and all about you! We want you to live a life based on our principles: To live a LIFESTYLE with PASSION, FREEDOM, and SECURITY. In this New Economy, there is countless opportunity or ways to generate an income in the world. If you want to learn more about the New Era, New Economy and New World we live in, download our free Ebook. We are here to help you to start living your lifestyle so here are different ways and opportunities to generate an income.

"Add a lyl grind to your lifestyle"

Live Your Lifestyle

Join the LYL Movement to help people live a healthy life on their terms while saving the planet and earning an income from doing what you love to do. We have helped thousands of people replace their income and live a lifestyle based on our principles. Try the famous LYL Freedom Program.

Making Money Online

The New Economy is a totally different economy than what our grandparents and even parents grew up in. They never had the internet and technology we do. The Internet is the 21st century Gold Mine. Trillions of dollars have been spent online and trillions more will come. Start an E-Commerce business, selling whatever products you want, and make money while you sleep. We have a program that shows you how to set up a store, generate sales, and operate an online business. 

Social Media Icon

Social Media is HUGE! And just like phones, it is not going away. We are still living in the "early" times of social media. We can show you how to become a Social Media Icon, people paying to post about their business, shout-outs and turn your account into a revenue stream.

Affiliate Marketing

The picture shows you a basic way of Affiliate Marketing. There are multiple ways to make income from selling other peoples products online. We show you how to start your affiliate marketing business so you can start sending leads and earning commission now.

Videography Business

Images are amazing. A picture can say a thousand words. Well, a video can say a million words. People love videos and until holographic are invented, they are at the top of entertainment and catching attention. Become a videography master and create a business of making videos for people. We are partnered with a very successful videography will mentor you and help you reach your goals.

Green Thumb

The world is changing as we know it. There is another movement going on. A movement to turn into an Eco-Friendly world and we strongly believe in this movement as well. There is an opportunity for sales, E-Commerce, Marketing, Videography, and more. We will send you to the top companies to help us achieve the dream of a no oil world. 


There is a sales team in every business model. Without sales, a business could not thrive. Now sales has multiple routes you can take. You can do door-to-door sales, phone sales, online, and sell all different kinds of products. Find a sales job that can fit your lifestyle and values. 

Real Estate

Houses have been around for centuries and will always be around. There are a few different ways to generate an income with Real Estate. Start today to learn how to create massive income, quick checks, and passive income. 

Facebook Ad Agency

Did you know that Facebook has over 1 BILLION active users daily? Becoming a Facebook Ad Expert is a skill you learn. After you have learned, you can generate leads for any business. Start your own Facebook Ad Agency to help them get more customers.